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Arrogant Ruminations

the workings of a red mind

30 May
I don't know... I don't know why they want to look at my journal.
albert camus, alduous huxley, alice in chains, anthropology, anything danny elfman, art, astrology, benjamin franklin, bob dylan, books, boys with blue hair, bradburry, broadway, c.s. lewis, camel lights, carbon monoxide, cartoons, castor and pollux, charles dickens, clockwork orange, dali, dan eldon, dante, dead kennedy's, depeche mode, dressing in skirts, duran duran, dylan thomas, edmund burke, einstein, electric skychurch, enya, europe, executions, fdr, ferengi, freakshows, frilly lace, geneology, gothe, goths banging on trash-cans, h.g. wells, harry potter, history, in-de sluts, info society, intelligent conversation, inxs, john milton, johnny depp, joy division, kafka, kahlil gibran, keanu reeves, klingonese, klingons, knives, l. frank baum, legolas, lewis carroll, literates, literature, london, loop guru, lord byron, macdonnalds of glencoe, madonna, malleus malificarum, matise, ministry, music, necro, nietzche, nipple rings, orwell, oscar wilde, othello, percey shelly, philosophy, piano, pink floyd, quantum physics, romanticism, romulans, roy orbison, samuel taylor coleridge, sartre, scotch, scotland, serial killers, social work, sophocles, southern france, star trek, stephen hawkings, stp, superman, swordfighting, swords, t.h. lawerence, the cure, the legendary pink dots, the phantom tollbooth, the smiths, the traveling wilburry's, theatre, theology, thomas hobbes, thomas jefferson, thutmose ii, tori amos, toys, video games, voltaire(lit), voltaire(music), vulcans, walt whitman, warhol, water closets, weapons, william golding