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I exist! - Arrogant Ruminations
July 15th, 2004
07:42 pm


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I exist!
Hello everyone Giddy here,
Yes Amanda/Molly/Salem finally convinced me to set up a live journal so now I can track you all everywhere you go. The eye never sleeps!!! Nothing in particular is happening in my world today except the fact that I got fired exactly one week before I would be laid off from MCI!!! This pisses me off in the fact that I have been the top seller in my bay since I started working there, and just had a bad week!! If anyone knows of a job opening or just needs a handy man around the house I am very willing!!! Will work for food!!! I am going to club tonight so hopefully I see some of you there. I'm going to Denver next week but other than that life is scrumdidlyumscious!

Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: sirens outside

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