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December 10th, 2005
04:27 pm


life the universe and dogfood
Wow it's been a while hasn't it. I guess all of you read Molly's entry the other day.
Here is the official statement. My father Charles Wayne Muncy, had been diagnosed with angeoplastima (basicaly a brain tumor) in November of last year. I have been coming to Dallas ever since about once every two to three months since. In that time I saw my dads condition progress from barely noticable to raging. This is a very invassive disease. I got in last thursday, by which time, my dad was bed bound, sleeping 18 hrs. a day, and unable to speak more than a few words at a time. His mind however was still very active until the end. I spent that week helping with things that I didn't think I had the heart or stomach to do, such as medications, moving him, changing him, and working closely with the hospice people to do whatever needed to be done (I surprised myself quiet a bit). When he saw me he used what strength he had left to let me and my sister know that he knew that we were there and that he loved us. Needless to say I have slept very little, because we didn't know exactly when he would go and we didn't want him to be alone. On sunday night my sister and I stayed up with him, he puckered his lips in a kiss, and went to sleep. By Monday morning he had slipped into a coma, but his body refused to give up. Each time we thought he was about to go we would surround him, and cry and say goodbye again, but he would come back (my father was a very stubborn man). What was suggested is that he would come back because we were not letting him go so by this past Wednesday, we let him be with only 1 person at a time. On thursday night I stayed with him until 4:00 am when my mom made me go to bed so she could take over, and at 4:45 am he died, holding my mothers hand. I was not woken up until after they had taken his body away yesterday. In a way it was relieving, because of how much stress and pain was associated with his long term illness. He is no longer in pain, and that gives me strength. Now there are so many things to take care of and I have dived right into them, (funeral arrangments, obituaries, and my dad's papers and things to go through) to keep myself doing something, other than just pace, and yet I have done a whole lot of that to, but all in all I am OK, mainly because my dad wouldn't want it any other way. My mom is the one who has taken it the hardest, but she too is keeping busy, and is doing what needs to get done. My advice to you whose parents are still together and even those who aren't is that you talk to them to make sure that someone knows and has written down all passwords ( and trust me there are more than I ever thought about ), the whereabouts of keys to varrious things and valuables are known, and that plans are clear and concise. I only say this because even having a year of doing all of this I am finding out that there are still a lot of things that we did not get taken care of, and it only adds to the stress of the situation. Anyway that's my rant, let me reiterate that I'm OK, and in the best frame of mind that I possibly can be. Love you all and I will see you soon (although I don't know exactly when). If anyone is curious
we are having a visitation at

North Dallas Funeral Home
2710 Valley View Lane
Dallas TX. 75234

on monday, and will inter him at Fairlawn Cemetery, Amherst TX. on Wednesday.
Anyone who wants to send flowers or a card can send them to

J.D Muncy, Gideon & Ingo Daniel
3344 Cannyon Valley Trl.
Plano TX. 75023
I know my mom would appreciate it.

love all

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November 9th, 2004
08:55 pm


When in doubt, trust in the Haggis!!!!!!!

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July 24th, 2004
12:48 pm


Denver is so fun!
Hey all, I'm having a blast in Denver! Tonight is Lauren's birthday so we'll be partying at a club called Dream. I've been there once so I am excited. Flight sucked but oh well. See you guys soon, oh and happy birthdays to all the other leo's out there!!!!

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July 21st, 2004
06:38 pm


Not much happening today. I learned something last night though that I wish to impart to all.

"I want new world!"

Oh, Kat thanks much for the stuff,things,& the poly-adjective 3.1415926535897932384626433832795, the cat's really took to the Iams. Normally they get brand X, so I think they enjoyed a change.

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July 20th, 2004
02:52 pm


I don't have much to say, yet I am still so amused by my new toy (livejournal), no the novelty has not worn off yet, so I had to get on and check what was happening in everyones lives. I am just in the greatest mood today, and I know not why, sorry for waking you up last night Molly, Damn I am starting to call you that (at least in this forum) it has just taken a few years. Three more days till Denver!!! On another note, still can't get picture uploaded to lj. Hope all is smurfalicious with everyone.

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July 19th, 2004
03:03 pm


Hoorah, Kat's back!!!! I was thinking maybe tuesday or wednesday would be a good night for socializing with any and everyone. So Wire how was your trip? By the way thanks to anybody who can donate kitty supplies, it means a lot to me. The other thing regarding the kitty's is this. I'll be in Denver on Friday. The girl who normally watches my cats is going with me so I might need someone to come and check on them just for that weekend, although I'll be there all week, Devon will be coming back on Sunday. Sorry I was still asleep when you called Molly, I hadn't expected Fred to still be here, and so last night I didn't get a whole lot of sleep. Oh well thats my life today. Jesse/Kat call me this week and let me know whats up.

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July 18th, 2004
08:26 pm


Well well, here again. My college friend is staying an extra night. Last night we went to the pulse and I had a few too many, because varrious people who I had not seen in a while kept buying scotch on the rocks (my weakness) my friend and I got seperated towards the end of the evening and when I went to go find him he was nowhere to be found. My ride eventually decided to give up and hope he found his way back to my house, luckily he did, but he who also had too many drinks in him was pissed off, and we fought well into the morning. I asserted myself like I rarely do, and it frightened me. He was being beligerent, and thus deserved it, but still I am usually calm, and collected. I saw a part of myself which doesn't come out often but oh well I suppose that means I to am human. Damnit!!
I'm going crazy because I'm broke and my poor kitty's have very little food left, and their litter has gone bad. I'm doing everything I can to take care of them even at my own expense cuz their my babies!!! Well that is about all for today. Salutations to the lot of you.

Jesse, yes let us hang out this week, before friday because thats the evening when I leave for denver. When is kat getting back?

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July 16th, 2004
06:35 am


fun night
Wow well I guess that makes three or four nights this month I've been social! It's scary to say the least. I really had fun tonight going to club, but I'm not planning on doing it again for a while, I need to buckle down and get my shit taken care of first. I saw many people tonight who I have not in years, first I run into a girl I was friends with in middle school, wow well that took some explaining, (no none of you may see pictures of me at age twelve it wasn't a pretty period in my life). Then I saw my good friend Patrick who I also have not hung out with in a number of years, and damn did he get hot! Bad Gideon! In addition of-course I saw all the people who I have been hanging around these past few weeks, so all in all I'd say it was a fun night. It was quite the ego boost to walk in somewhere and within five minutes have at least ten or twelve people come up and give me salutations, it said to me wow I have friends, something I know conciously but often times forget because of that little self deprecating voice in my head saying evil things to me and letting me know my true value in the grand scheme of things, (damn I guess that means no more Nitschze before bed!). Ah to be a bonified schizophrenic. Anyways I'll talk to all soon, I have a friend from college visiting this weekend so I don't know when I'll post again, but twice in a twenty-four hour period is more than what I expected myself to do. I know it sounds maudlin, and probably for good reason, but I want each of you to know how much it means to me that you guys are here for me. OK enough of that 18th century romanticism which seems to be seeping from very soul these past few weeks, (Salem I'm not letting you off the hook, its your fault!grin)

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July 15th, 2004
07:42 pm


I exist!
Hello everyone Giddy here,
Yes Amanda/Molly/Salem finally convinced me to set up a live journal so now I can track you all everywhere you go. The eye never sleeps!!! Nothing in particular is happening in my world today except the fact that I got fired exactly one week before I would be laid off from MCI!!! This pisses me off in the fact that I have been the top seller in my bay since I started working there, and just had a bad week!! If anyone knows of a job opening or just needs a handy man around the house I am very willing!!! Will work for food!!! I am going to club tonight so hopefully I see some of you there. I'm going to Denver next week but other than that life is scrumdidlyumscious!

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